This year is marking
the 100
th anniversary of establishing the Teacher’s School or today’s
Mongolian State University of Education (MSUE) and laying the foundation of preparing
teaching staff in Mongolia, enlightening the nation, and teaching literacy to
all, founding today’s education, culture, and social development.


In the late autumn of
1922, 15 literate young people gathered in the capital city from aimags and rural
areas to participate in a temporary teacher’s training course. It is believed
to be the beginning of the teacher preparation system.


The Teacher’s School
was the foundation of many schools that train teachers for secondary and higher
education and marked the beginning of the education system in Mongolia. In
1921, almost the entire nation was illiterate, but the country became 100 percent
literate in less than 50 years because of this school.


It was announced from
the podium of the United Nations that the nation had become fully literate.
This year, the same platform named the country that has successfully
implemented the digital transition in the education sector or has successfully
started the process of technological literacy. The Minister of Education and
Science emphasized every teacher’s effort to fulfill the role of transforming
education successfully and continuously educating every child during the
difficult times of the pandemic.


The teachers from
different times, graduates, and current students participated in the 100th
anniversary of the Teachers’ School. The Chairman of the State Great Hural and
the Prime Minister of Mongolia sent messages congratulating the staff.