Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The International Day for Biological Diversity is annually marked on May 22. In its framework, the ‘Baigali’ smartphone application was officially introduced.

Through the application, it is possible to access information on about 3,000 rare and endangered species of wild fauna and flora in Mongolia. Alongside downloading the application for free, users are able to add additional information such as pictures of where they spotted the species. 

Minister of Environment and Tourism B.Bat-Erdene said, “Over 80 percent of Mongolia’s tourism involves making a trip to parts of the country’s territory that are under state special protection. Tourists and visitors tend to wish to see exquisite untouched nature and the local biodiversity, aside from experiencing the nomadic way of life. 

The more we share information through the application and website, the more we will promote Mongolia’s beautiful natural settings and create opportunities for tourism. Thus, we aim to introduce the Baigali application on biodiversity as an important tool for the tourism sector.”

Expressing gratitude for the ‘Mongolian Biodiversity Future Foundation’ NGO and the GIZ-SPACES project for bringing it to reality, he noted that the Ministry of Environment and Tourism will provide all-round support for the project’s implementation.