Bayankhongor /MONTSAME/. The Institute of Geography and Geoecology
of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences is carrying out the assessment of the
ecological potential of the Baidrag River basin at the landscape level, and the
development of measures for its proper use and protection.

The work is being carried out within the framework of the ‘Ensuring
Sustainability and Resilience (ENSURE) of Green Landscapes in Mongolia
’ project,
which is being co-implemented by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and the
United Nations Development Program.

Within the scope of this project, a comprehensive study of
physical geography, landscape, and surface water has been conducted in the Buuntsagaan
Lake and Baidrag River Basin. The survey was conducted by the research team
headed by Head of the Department of Physical Geography and Environmental
Studies of the Institute of Geography and Geoecology S.Narangerel.

It was reported that there was little rain and drought in
the basin, and some parts of the rivers, streams, and springs were running dry
and cut off.