The creation of
Egune, the first virtual model that understands the Mongolian language, was
presented during the event to introduce a digital transition plan for Ulaanbaatar


The virtual model, a
digital guide, not only introduced the projects and programs implemented in the
capital but also spoke with the Mayor. Egune can currently provide information
on home automation and government services in addition to weather, air quality,
and traffic congestion information. Egune tells jokes, turns on lights, and
changes the color of lights. She even introduced to the Mayor how long it takes
from “Baruun 4 zam” to “Zuun 4 zam” by bus and the air quality around the
“Micheel Expo” is normal.


Moreover, there are
11,000 visually impaired citizens in the country, 6,000 of whom are adults. The
“Vision-2050” long-term development policy includes improving the
organization’s social responsibility and contributing good settings to provide
government services to citizens with disabilities. It was also informed that
the visually impaired citizens were provided with the opportunity to receive
government services online through technological solutions, reports Capital City
Training, Research, and Public Relations Agency.