Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The Khan Bank and “Sodura
Consulting” LLC successfully implemented the “Integrated Business
Management Program” training for small and medium-sized enterprise owners
for the second year with two phases.

During the first phase, the participants learned how to
conduct industry research, analysis, and business planning methods and diagnose
the level of their five main systems: business strategy, finance, operations,
marketing and sales, and human resources. In the next phase, they learned how
to work as a team and be successful.

The program was offered in person or virtually, making it
possible for local entrepreneurs to participate from Khovd, Darkhan, Arkhangai,
Erdenet, and Govi-Sumber aimags. In addition to learning theoretical knowledge,
the participants also applied their new experience to real-life cases and group
discussions, creating an opportunity to learn from the experiences of others
and expanding their networking to increase the importance of the program.

This is the first time in the banking industry implementing
an integrated program aimed at developing entrepreneurs’ management skills.
Some entrepreneurs who participated in both phases of the “Integrated
Business Management Program” shared their feelings about the training.

Ariuntuya: Executive director of “Artsat Altain Uuls” LLC from
Darkhan-Uul aimag

– I participated in this program from Darkhan-Uul aimag. I
had beneficial courses within the program, such as company strategy,
governance, management, and problem-solving. There need to be more
opportunities for business leaders to develop themselves locally. It isn’t easy
to come to Ulaanbaatar City often. Nevertheless, the most significant advantage
of this “Integrated Business Management Program” training was that it
was offered in person or virtually. In training, I learned “where my
mistakes come from.”

Bolormaa: Founder of “Gezegt” Partnership from Govi-Sumber aimag

– I learned about the essential characteristics of
executive director should have to manage a business from this training systematically. I have been in the business industry for 23 years. My company was
small, with only five to 10 people, so I used to do everything by myself. When
the company grows, it takes a lot of talent to make employees work more
efficiently. I realized that it’s not because I need to find someone to work
with but because I need to put the right person in the right place and learn
the skills to create productivity. Now, I discuss with my managers and listen
to them more.

Bolorchimeg: Executive Director of “Gurvan Munkh Khan” LLC

I have been managing my company for more than three years.
During this period, the most challenging thing was to get to know the
employees, discover their talent and assign the right person to the right job.
I needed to learn how to systematically tell and let my employees know what
results I expect from them. However, I can communicate with my employees better
by participating in this training. The leader must have good management skills
to find and employ a skilled person. In that sense, I learned what kind of
leader I am.

Otgonjargal: Executive Director of “Sanjain Khishig” LLC

– Our company has been in the business for the sixth year.
A friend of mine was diagnosed with diabetes and was about to have his leg
amputated. For this reason, I started researching to help my friend and found a
story about curing diabetes with a silver ingot from a herdsman. This is where
I got my idea to make tea with a paunch and the third stomach of ruminants. It
has a high protein content, which is suitable for the treatment. As a result,
we expanded our production and developed the “Uvidas” brand.

I became the best participant in the first training course.
I was awarded a certificate with possible support from Khan Bank to sell our
products on “Alibaba,” a Chinese online commercial platform.

D. Amarbayasgalan:
Founder of “Terem” Brand

– Our company has been operating since 2019. However, the
“Kovid-19” epidemic broke out when the business started and ran
successfully. Therefore, we received orders from our customers and created and
made many different products at home. At this point, we produced more than 40
kinds of products. Yet, my husband and I disagreed on whether we should
continue to make toys or souvenirs, and we needed guidance on where to head our
business. While we were stuck, we learned about this Khan Bank training. Now we
have all the information we need to expand our production line. It is being gradually