Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. This year, four articles from our country were published in the
prestigious international scientific journal registered in the World Science
Database. The National University of Mongolia (NUM) has presented scientific
works and articles of Mongolian scientists published in internationally
recognized professional journals with SSCI, SCI, and AHCI indexes and were
registered in the “Web of Science” database.


One of the four articles was published independently, and three
others from our country were co-authored. The articles are research papers on
air and soil pollution and global climate change. The Acting Director of the
NUM, Professor D. Badarch, pointed out that the magazines are leading in their
respective fields, fully open and costly, high in demand, and most are both
printed and digital.


He said, “The fact that the research works of our scientists and
teachers are being published internationally is a significant sign that the
world is beginning to esteem us with more interest, and experts are dignifying
them too.”


 About 660 scientists and
teachers work at NUM. Scientific and research work, 130 of which have been
published in influential international scientific journals. Most articles were
published in the environment, ecology, mathematics, engineering, chemistry,
botany, geology, computer science, and biodiversity preservation.


The head of the Department of Environmental and Forest
Engineering of NUM, N. Sonomdagva, explains this success because the school has
included in its internal rules that teachers publish their works
internationally. Secondly, the school management encourages the work of