/MONTSAME/. The 30th anniversary of the German educational institutions
including the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the Central Agency
for German Schools Abroad (ZfA) starting to operate in Mongolia was held at the
Mongolian University of Science and Technology.

Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Federal Republic of Germany to
Mongolia Jörn Rosenberg, Head of the General Department of Education of the
Ministry of Education and Science T. Nyam-Ochir, ZfA Consultant in Mongolia and
representative of DAAD Monika Egger, and students of general education schools
with German Language Diploma (DSD) program participated. The anniversary event
started with a performance by the Goethe International School band.

cooperation between Mongolia and Germany in the field of education dates back to
the beginning of the 20th century. Shortly after the Mongolian Revolution of
1921, the foundation of cooperation in the field of education between the two
countries was laid. In the fall of 1926, 35 Mongolian youths were sent to study
in Germany and France, and they later became intellectuals and disseminators of
culture in Mongolian society. For example, D. Natsagdorj, D. Namdag, N.
Navaan-Yunden, and D. Surmaajav, the founders of Mongolian modern literature, who
made a great contribution to the country’s intellectual development, can be
mentioned here. During the 70 years of socialist development, Mongolia worked
closely with the former German Democratic Republic in the field of education.
Thousands of Mongolian youths contributed to the country’s development by
getting an education in Western Europe.

choosing a new path of development through democratic reforms in Mongolia, the
DAAD and the ZfA continue to give opportunities and support to Mongolian students.
Along with this, the number of Mongolians who want to study at universities in
Germany is also increasing year by year.

than 30,000 specialists were trained in Germany, most of whom studied
engineering. And since 1992, more than 30 professors with a
scholarship from the DAAD have been teaching at the Mongolian University of
Science and Technology.