At its meeting held today, the Cabinet backed the decision made by the State Emergency Commission to impose strict lockdown in the capital city from 6:00 am of February 11 until 6:00 am of February 23.

During the lockdown, the traffic movement in and out of the capital city, as well as citizens’ movement will be halted by up to 90 percent. Moreover, 35-40 thousand people will be involved in COVID-19 testing daily within the framework of ‘One door-one test’ measure. The relevant officials were instructed by the Prime Minister not to repeat the mistakes made during the previous lockdowns.

Businesses and services below are permitted to run their operations during the lockdown:

  1. Electric heating, water supply, decontamination and sewerage activities
  2. Healthcare organizations, pharmacies, medical equipment distribution organizations
  3. State-owned organizations of particular and strategic importance /Ulaanbaatar Railways, Buyant-Ukhaa International airport, MIAT, Embassies, etc. with up to 10 percent of the staff at workplace under time restriction/
  4. Special purpose agencies
  5. Parliament, higher legislative body, public and local self-governing organizations /up to 10 percent of the staff will work at workplace under time restriction/
  6. Child protection centers
  7. Food production, trade, distribution, supermarkets, stores
  8. Livestock hay and fodder distribution and transportation
  9. Gas and fuel supply  
  10. Refined coal factories, supply, distribution and sales points
  11. Online banking services, ATM
  12. Post office, communications, media
  13. Licensed security services
  14. Funeral services

The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the capital city has been rapidly increasing since February 1, 2021, showing a high risk of the spread. If the situation continues, it is estimated that the number of people who will be hospitalized due to the COVID-19 infection will reach 3,000 by next month, which could lead to hospital overload, shifting to home treatment and the death of two percent of those who diagnosed with the virus, according to the Council of Experts under the State Emergency Commission.