Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/. On September 17, Mongolia hosted a
session on ‘Reimagining Learning through Digital Transformation and Partnership’
within the framework of the TES convened by the UNSG during the 77th UN General

The session raised much interest and was attended by
executives from UNICEF, UNESCO, GOOGLE, GGIA, Microsoft, World Bank Group,
EdTech Hub, and government representatives from the education sectors of
Indonesia, Finland, and Singapore.

It was recognized that Mongolia is one of the countries that
has shifted the gears to digital learning during the pandemic and is still
working hard towards a better digital education system. This progress has shown
that Mongolia is ready.

Lessons learnt from Indonesia, Finland, and Singapore and
advice shared by international partners reinforced Mongolia’s vision and policy
on digital learning. Many partners agreed to continue providing substantial
support to digital learning in Mongolia through different means. Many partners
have also agreed to visit Mongolia.

Discussions were held between UNICEF and GIGA to come up
with innovative options for better supporting Mongolia in its progress on
expanding the digital learning opportunities in the country.


UNICEF Mongolia