Mongolians living in England collected 31,000 books and sent them to their home
country. E. Erdenechimeg living in England started the ‘Children’s
book’ project in 2020, challenging other Mongolians living there. The organizers
initiated this project to support and contribute to the improvement of the
English language skills of general education school children studying in remote
provinces and soums. Friends and volunteers distributed the books by provinces
and delivered them to individual provinces. In the frame of this project, B.
Bolormaa, alumni of a school in Dornod aimag, sent more than
1000 books and 20 DVDs to her hometown, and her friends handed them over to the
central library of the aimag.

The central
library will distribute these books sent to improve pupils’ English language
skills and to provide interesting textbooks, books, and booklets to nine general
education schools’ libraries to reach the pupils.