Marcella took to Facebook to share how she gets her son to eat healthy food – but she’s not the only one that’s had to come up with a sneaky tactic as other parents shared their own ideas

A mum has been branded a “genius” after revealing how she managed to get her fussy son to eat a healthy homecooked meal.

Marcella McDonagh explained that her son tried a Pot Noodle for the first time the other day and absolutely loved it.

But she didn’t want him to eat them all the time.

So she came up with a way to trick him into believing he was still eating what he thought was a tasty Pot Noodle when what she’d actually done was make a healthier, home-made alternative and put it inside the Pot Noodle container.

Taking to the Facebook group Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas, Marcella wrote: “Fake Pot Noodle!!!

“So my son had his first Pot Noodle the other day. Wasn’t sure to be proud or not, but he loved it.

“So I found myself trying to feel better and completely scamming him with this fake (healthier) pot noodle!

“Yeh one day he will realise I’m a fake and a fraud, until then… eat away my lad.”

Since being posted, her status has racked up more than 5,800 likes and hundreds of comments from parents who praised her idea, as one said: “Brilliant idea!!! Looks better than a Pot Noodle.”

Another wrote: “Thanks for this! My teenagers eat these and my five-year-old always asks for one, I say no but I’m definitely going to try this!”

“He will be fuminggggg when he buys one and there’s no chicken in there and taste s*** compared,” joked a third.

The hack also encouraged other mums to share the lengths that they have to go to to get their kids to eat healthy foods, as one person wrote: “I do similar with water. Kids only like bottled water so I fill empty bottles from the tap!”

“It’s ok my daughter really does not like salmon, so instead we just buy the pink fish now. Great hack, got to do what we need to as parents! Thanks for sharing,” wrote another.

A third said: “My son will eat 2 portions of meatballs and spaghetti, but doesn’t like meatballs. I have to squash them flat before cooking them and tell him they are little burgers.”

And a fourth suggested adding broccoli to a fruit smoothie so “they’ll never know.”