On February 10, Prime Minister L.Oyun-Erdene introduced a plan to support youth employment with financing of MNT 500 billion.

Highlighting that a two-month scholarship program is being announced for youth as employment is the main pressing issue for the age group, the PM announced that the work will be jointly carried out by the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, and the Ministry of Education and Science, creating a safe, healthy environment for the participants with a tight control on preventing the spread of infections over the course of two months. During the period, they will be involved in training that equips them with the required knowledge and skills for implementing large-scale projects. Following the training, the participants will receive a certificate and MNT 1 million alongside having priority in being considered for job positions at entities implementing large-scale projects. 5,000 youths are planned to be involved in the program. 

Entities employing the most number of the program graduates will be given tax discounts as well as other incentives by the government. As for the youth involved in the program, they will be prioritized in being involved in other government projects and programs including housing projects on apartment complexes, highlighted the PM. 

The necessary financing for increasing the number of job opportunities for youth and supporting their employment is possible to be resolved by coordinating the monetary flow of ministries, reports the Ministry of Finance.