Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. On the New Year’s Eve, H.E. Ukhnaagiin Khurelsukh, President of Mongolia,
extended greetings to the citizens of Mongolia in a televised message.

“Dear citizens of free and independent Mongolia,

My fellow Mongol brothers and sisters,


I extend to you my heartfelt greetings for the coming
New Year.


The humankind is bidding farewell to yet another year,
which saw numerous difficulties and challenges caused by continued incidences
of the global pandemic, war, ensuing geopolitical issues, food shortages, price
hikes, border trade complications and others.

For us, the Mongolians, this was also a year of both
success and failures, achievements and mistakes, hopes and doubts, and joy and


On behalf of the Mongolian State, I express my
profound gratitude to the entire people of Mongolia, our companies, the wealth
creators, for your tireless efforts to overcome the challenges of these trying
times with minimum losses, for your shouldering and carrying the heaviest part
of the burden by preserving jobs and making every endeavor to contribute to the
development and prosperity of our motherland.


Despite the exigent geopolitical and
geostrategic circumstances and situations, Mongolia’s foreign relations and
economic cooperation have expanded. We successfully hosted and reciprocated a
number of high and the highest level visits, which consolidated Mongolia’s
international reputation and standing. In that respect, this passing year was
of historical importance.


One of the clearest manifestations of this was the
visit of H.E. Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations, to
Mongolia and his encouraging remark that “Mongolia was a symbol of peace in a
troubled world”.


My dear countrymen Mongolians,


The passing year of 2022 was a year of
legitimate demand of the young Mongolians that the people of Mongolia must be
the owners of Mongolia’s natural assets, that accountability and justice must
be established and consolidated in the society.


It is a fundamental value of a democratic society to
listen to, sense and translate into reality the voice, desires and demands of
its people.


Mongolians are a glorious people who implemented
democratic changes and reforms in a peaceful way thirty years ago.

Consolidation of democratic achievements and success
is a development process of constant prudence to rectify our mistakes, and
reform and improve the way we work and live.


The Parliamentary democracy we chose is the guarantee
and assurance of Mongolia’s independence, national security, development and

Therefore, we must further strengthen the
parliamentary governance to be able to resolve many issues and challenges that
our country is facing.


We must never forget that justice restores people’s
confidence, and citizen participation strengthens democratic values.


Over the past few years, the State and Government of
Mongolia have undertaken a series of actions and fought a host of battles
together with the Mongolian people to install social justice and ensure that
Mongolia becomes a true owner of its assets.


Thus, we were able to reclaim plants, mines and
deposits such as “Erdenet”, “MonRosTsvetMet”, “Baganuur”, “Bor-Undor”, “Khutul
Cement”, “Asgat”, “Salkhit”, “Tost, Toson Bumba”, “Gutain Davaa”, “Kharmagtai”,
“Noyon Uul” which were illegally appropriated, back for the ownership of the
Mongolian state and people, thus eradicating theft and fraud. We revoked 938
illegally issued licenses, took 33 areas under state special protection, some
of which were made into national parks under constant state protection.  


We also were able to increase, in real terms, the
dividends and returns the Mongolian people would earn from its asset Oyu


In the same way, these days, the Mongolian state and
government, our law enforcement organizations together with our people, are
fighting to eliminate unlawful and illegal actions surrounding the
Tavantolgoi coal mine, to bring about accountability, discipline, order and law.


We must continue our determined work to call forth
people’s oversight over strategic deposits and state-owned enterprises,
establish transparency, openness and accountability to enable the people to be
the true owners of their legitimate assets.


I also consider it imperative for the State Great
Khural and the Government to expeditiously create the necessary legal and
regulatory environment for the Mongolian people to own a certain share and
receive direct benefits from its natural resources.


To be the true owner of your motherland, in fact,
means to be the true owner of its natural resources.


Dear citizens of Mongolia,


These days, the humankind is going through the
toughest times since the end of the cold war. And at this turbulent time, the
vitally important value that we, the Mongolians, must tightly embrace and honor
is our national solidarity.


As our forefathers said, “a peace broken at a
household makes the enemies rejoice”. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for
us to foster peace and honor the right.


We, the Mongols, so few on earth, will prosper and
develop all together, if we care for, love, support, protect and help each


The Great Chinggis Khaan taught that “two men with
accord are strong as an iron fortress, twenty men with discord are weak as ashy


Therefore, as we navigate ahead along our path toward
prosperity and development, we must honor and uphold the wise teachings of our
Great Khaan, preserve, safeguard and consolidate our freedom, independence and
solidarity, rule out discord and confrontations and nourish accord and agreement.


At this auspicious moment of the turn of a New Year, I
wish every family is filled with joy, with the laughter of children, with love
and warmth of your beloved ones. I wish you a Happy New Year.


May the coming year of 2023 bring peace to our one
blue planet, bring confidence, peace of mind, success, vigor and happiness to
my fellow Mongolian people.


May Mongolia prosper and flourish under the Eternal
Blue Sky!”