Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Each
year, individuals and organizations plant trees in May and October on National
Tree Planting Day. As for this year, the event is being organized under the
theme ‘Let’s Create Our Nature and Environment’ as part of the One Billion
Trees national movement, initiated by the President of Mongolia.

On May 16, more than 100
organizations, enterprises, and individuals planted 10,000 trees of 10 species at
the National Park.

President of Mongolia, U.Khurelsukh, took part in the opening ceremony of the
spring tree planting day, and planted trees in the ‘Couple’s Grove’ section of
the National Park along with representatives of the youth.


President U.Khurelsukh
conveyed gratitude to the public and private sectors, wealth creators,
investors, and the people for their active collaboration since the launch of
the One Billion Trees national movement.

He noted that it will become
possible to grow not only trees, but also fruit and berry trees and shrubs,
medicinal plants, and fodder for livestock animals
in the
future, which will create an opportunity to meet domestic demand and export the
products in the future.

“As the forestry sector
strengthens, thousands of new job opportunities will be created and food supply
will increase, improving people’s livelihood,” noted the President.

This year, the National Park
will plant 20,000 seedlings that were grown for over three or more years, and
100,000 trees along the banks of Tuul River by establishing forest protection
strips. In addition, new nurseries are currently being established in areas
with 4 hectares as well as 10 hectares.

“We guarantee the growth of
the trees we plant. As of today, more than 150,000 trees of 32 species have been
planted so far, with 98 percent successfully growing. This is due to how trees are
protected from diseases and pests, watered and cared for throughout the year,”
said U.Oyunzul, head of the National Park.

President of Mongolia U.Khurelsukh called on all
households, organizations and entities to plant trees in their respective plots
and territories in order to live and work in a healthy and comfortable