The President of Mongolia, U.Khurelsukh, worked at the factories in
the food industry within the framework of the ‘Food Supply and Security’
national movement.

Impex’ LLC meat-processing factory can sort and process 1,250 head of livestock
per day. It can deep-freeze 60 tons of meat daily and has a warehouse to store
500 tons. The products are sold in well-known chain stores and supplied to
mining and other enterprises. The factory exports to Iran and Central Asian
countries and is planning to export to China in the future.

of the meat on the market is hand-produced which lowers the hygiene and quality
requirements. Therefore, the leaders of ‘Tsaluut Impex’ LLC consider supporting
industrial preparation for the meat process. For example, they offered the
option of supplying meat to government organizations, schools, and
kindergartens from meat processing factories. They also stressed the need to
provide financial support to the factories.

270 meat processing factories and workshops are registered nationwide.

percent of all meat prepared in 2021 was processed by domestic factories.

Coca Cola’ LLC manufactures and markets 150 types of beverages, water, juice,
and tea, of 21 brands and provides jobs for 950 people. Within the framework of
the ‘Sugar Reduction Program’, the company has been working to reduce 1-2 types
of flavors every year starting from 2018.

company has put an industrial wastewater recycling facility and smokeless
stoves that work by gas into operation in the past.

director L.Myagmarjav introduced the company’s goal of recycling all plastic
bottles of drinks sold by 2030 to realize the “World without Plastic Waste”

to transportation, border, and customs issues, difficulties arise in enforcing
the clause of the Food Law, which states that “2/3 of the shelf life of
imported food must be valid”. Therefore, it is necessary to consider amending
this law to distinguish imported raw materials for food from finished products.

President, U.Khurelsukh, said that he believes in national industries and
wealth creators to significantly contribute to meeting domestic needs with 19
types of products in the next five years and then achieve the goal of becoming
an exporting country. In this regard, he noted that the government is improving
the legal environment, providing long-term, low-interest loans, and supporting
them with tax policies