Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Rio Tinto Mongolia has signed today a Memorandum of Understanding
with the Mayor’s Office of Ulaanbaatar City and National Amusement Park LLC to
undertake a restoration project in the National Amusement Park.


Under the partnership, Rio Tinto Mongolia will restore 10 hectares
of land, between the Children’s Palace and the Sun Road, located in the western
section of the National Amusement Park. The project will create a new green
space, with additional facilities for people to enjoy recreational activities
in a safe, clean environment.


National Amusement Park LLC will ensure free transfer of the land
to public ownership and carry out commercial redevelopment on the adjacent six
hectares of land, ensuring alignment with the overall concept and design of the


Rio Tinto Mongolia Executive Director Kh.Amarjargal said: “This
green development project will create a new, vibrant and sustainable public
space, which supports recreation, community cohesion and social connection
across the city. Rio Tinto Mongolia will take on the overall project management
responsibilities and work together to deliver this transformational
public-private partnership. The project underscores our commitment to
contributing to society and sustainable development in Mongolia.”


Governor of the Capital City and Mayor of Ulaanbaatar
D.Sumiyabazar said: “A key objective set out in the Vision
2050 policy document ratified by the Parliament is around green economy and
ensuring sustainability and digital transformation in developing Ulaanbaatar
and other urban areas. Within this framework, we are working on a range of
initiatives to increase the green space in the city and enable a more pleasant
environment for the public. We are excited to be working with Rio Tinto to
restore the land in the National Amusement Park into a recreational space for
everyone to enjoy. I would like to thank Rio Tinto for their contributions and
support in improving the quality of life for people and enhance community
engagement in the city. Going forward Ulaanbaatar must achieve global
benchmarks in terms of green space, which is important to supporting the
physical and mental wellbeing of people.” 


During the implementation phase, the project will seek to maximize
community engagement and engage national companies to undertake the
construction work.


The project is expected to run for four years, with the
construction work taking place in the first year followed by maintenance
activities. Rio Tinto Mongolia will oversee the relevant tender processes for
the project activities, including design and construction.


The parties will now work together to proceed to next steps of the
park restoration project, with an aim to commence construction activities
within the first half of 2023.

Rio Tinto