Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The Minister of Education and Science, L. Enkh-Amgalan, presented the awards to the doctors who received innovation scholarships on December 24.


The successive ministers have traditionally awarded scholarships to young researchers and doctors who put forward innovative and creative ideas. Until today, 126 researchers have received this scholarship.


This year, 52 institutes, universities, and private sector organizations nominated their researchers’ projects in the scholarship competition. The ministry selected 10 projects of young researchers and granted the scholarship. Each of these 10 doctors received a scholarship of MNT 10 million and a certificate.


The Institute of Forestry, Training and Research of the Mongolian University of Science and Technology designed and made the eco-solid wood trophy granted to these doctors from flat-leaved birch, plain pine, Siberian larch, and Siberian pine, which are mainly grown in Mongolia. This results from experimental research on obtaining ecologically clean products from forest waste and dead wood.



– Institute of Veterinary Medicine of
the Mongolian University of Life Sciences, Bumduuren Tuvshintulga, “Separating
the laboratory strains of red blood cell parasite Babesia microti to use in
diagnostic antigens.”

– School of Medical Science and
Clinical Laboratory Department of the Mongolian National University of Medical
Sciences, Purevdorj Narangerel, “Using aβ42 and p-tau biomarkers in blood
plasma to diagnose cognitive decline after anesthesia.”

– Institute of Chemistry and Chemical
Technology of the Academy of Sciences, Alexander Ariunaa, “Technology to
sanitize harmful heavy metal contamination in the wastewater.”

– The Institute of Geography and
Geoecology of the Academy of Sciences, Erdenegerel Ariunbold
“Ecological-biological features of some shrubs, fungi, and herbs prevalent in
the degraded areas of the desert steppe zone, and the possibility of using them
for restoration.”

– School of Pharmacy of the Mongolian
National University of Medical Sciences, Daramzav Otgonsuren, “Research on the
technology of obtaining plaster drug forms coated with silver nanoparticles.”

– Vitafit Milk LLC, Khandsuren
Oyun-Erdene, “Research on the innovation to produce a probiotic drink with
beneficial bacteria ‘Lactobacillus casei zhang’”

– Institute of Biology of the Academy
of Sciences, Damba Iderbat, “Possibility of detecting bird flu using the
results of space transmitters.”

– School of Applied Sciences of
Mongolian University of Science and Technology, Erdenetsogt Bat-Erdene
“Possibility of using natural bitumen for road building.”

– Research Institute of Animal
Husbandry of the Mongolian University of Life Sciences, Myagmarjav Uuganzaya,
“Research on the phenotype, nutrient quality, and some indicators of medick t1
line improved by genetic engineering.”

Institute of Brain and Psychology of the Academy of Sciences, Bumandorj
Bulgantuya, “Innovation project to develop drugs to improve cognitive decline
caused by alcohol.”