The Swiss
Cooperation in Mongolia
in partnership with the Zorig Foundation
provides scholarships to support students financially to continue their studies
at universities.


This year, the organizers received around 800 applications and
selected the best 60 students. In the past 17 years, 1,380 students were awarded this scholarship.


One of the main programmes of the scholarship is that recipients
are divided into teams and implement micro-projects for a better society. So far,
around 190 projects have been successfully implemented and some projects namely
the Lolo Howley, Museum from Home, Bye Depress, and Bus with Books.


“Swiss scholarship programme is not only about providing funding for the tuition fees, but it aims to improve your social and
employability skills by working in small teams to implement your ideas for
social projects. There are many similarities between our two countries –
beautiful lakes, high mountains, forest,s and both countries are landlocked and
we have smart young people, which is our asset. For both Swiss and Mongolians,
education is the top priority. Mongolia is ranked as the country with almost the highest literacy rate in the world” said Benoit Meyer-Bisch, Deputy Head of the
Cooperation in Mongolia
in his speech for students.


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