general education school students can now utilize the math learning digital
platform “Eduten” of Finland, the world leader in educational

A memorandum of
cooperation was established to test and introduce the Eduten platform in
Mongolia. The memorandum was signed by the director of the National Institute
of Educational Research on behalf of the Ministry of Education and Science and
Henry Muuriimaa, deputy director for foreign relations of “Eduten”

As part of this
cooperation, the intelligent system that accommodates 1.3 million teachers and
students from more than 50 countries will be translated into Mongolian.

The “Eduten”
platform is an intelligent system with a library of more than 200,000
mathematical exercises and tasks developed on artificial intelligence and games
to reduce teachers’ workload. The platform received UNESCO’s “ICT for
Education” award for best practices in supporting education through
artificial intelligence in 2020 and the “Outstanding Edtech” Award in