The grave of actress Romy Schneider, buried in the Boissy sans Avoir cemetery, on the southern outskirts of Paris, has been desecrated with the lifting and displacement of the tombstone, although there is no indication that it was looted.

Sources of the investigation cited this Monday by local media indicated that the desecration probably occurred last weekend. The headstone was found to be no longer sealed and had been moved from its original location, although upon first examination there were no signs that anything was missing.

Romy Schneider, an actress born in Vienna and nationalized French after developing a good part of her career in France, was found dead at her home in Paris in May 1980, at the age of 43.

She had risen to fame very young thanks to her role as Empress Sissi, but in later years she turned her career around and left behind the image of a romantic empress. He had outstanding performances in films such as The Process, by Orson Welles, The Cardinal, by Otto Preminger or The Pool, by Jacques Deray with Alain Delon, with whom he maintained a romantic relationship.

Romy Schneider was married twice. First with the German film director Harry Meyen, with whom he had a son, David, who accidentally died in July 1981 when he was 14 years old. In 1974 she divorced Meyen and later married fellow filmmaker Daniel Biasini, with whom she had a daughter, Sarah.