The EU funded Switch Off Air Pollution project includes inside the project website a simple calculator to measure the heat loss and calculate the cost of the insulation needed to your detached house. It is the first ever energy loss calculating tool that is available to public in Mongolia to measure where you are losing the energy and heat in the house by entering simple measurements of the house. Depending on the material choice, it will also provide you with cost calculation for insulation packages tailored only for your house including the material and labor cost. While there are different types of insulation materials such as wool, fiber, rock insulation and EPS, XPS materials provided by the suppliers in the project, there are different types of insulation packages that work for your house such as roof insulation or full insulation with roof, wall and foundation.

This simple calculator is created on the baseline data of the project, which includes different types of research to understand people’s knowledge and attitude on heat loss, air pollution, households’ saving and spending patterns and future investment plans. Thanks to the Baseline studies of the project identifying the standardized typologies of the ger district detached houses which were conducted for the first time in Mongolia, insulation solution packages were developed. The energy loss calculator based on the website, allows selecting different types of roof, wall and windows structures to calculate the energy loss. The study preparation as well as the brain behind the calculation methodology was the project co-implementor, Building energy efficiency center built under the Mongolian State University of Science and Technology. The main purpose of the calculator is to raise awareness on insulation, advocate that insulation is not a very difficult work and to help households in properly planning the investment for their detached houses.

The data entry is simple with self-explanatory pictures and user-friendly. With just one click, interested households can order a technical assessment – a more detailed on-site visit assessment by our trained Energy Advisors.

Switch Off Air Pollution project aims to contribute to the reduction of the air pollution in Ulaanbaatar by properly insulating detached houses with the aim of reducing energy consumption.

The insulation market system works as follows:

House will be assessed by the energy advisors, who then will give insulation price offer depending on tailor-made options for the person’s house. The household can choose to pay by themselves or apply for Xac bank green loan at 8% of interest. if the person is eligible for the loan, the contract will be signed to indicate the beginning of the insulation work. Materials will be supplied and craftsmen will do it within a week. Once the insulation work is done, energy advisor will do the quality check and energy auditor will compute the energy audit. The person is eligible for green loan if he/she can prove her income by their social insurance book or tax record.

About the Project

Switch Off Air Pollution Project is principally financed by the European Union’s Switch Asia Program with additional support from the Abbe Pierre Foundation, the Czech and French Development Agencies.  From 2018 to 2021, the Project is led by Geres Mongolia INGO in collaboration with the Building Energy Efficiency Center at the Mongolian University of Science and Technology, the Mongolian National Construction Association, and People in Need INGO.

About Geres Mongolia

Geres is a French NGO with expertise in energy and development, with over 40 years of experience in Europe, Africa, and Asia improving living conditions for the most vulnerable and fighting the impacts of climate change.


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