The body double of Chris Hemsworth has revealed he’s eating seven meals a day to try and keep up with the Hollywood heart throb’s size.

As the Thor actor struts around Byron Bay and Sydney looking the size of a house, the man who steps in for him, Bobby Holland Hanton, says he’s making his job even harder.

“Everyone is like ‘Wow look at the size and him’ and I’m like yeah that’s brilliant, I’m that guy’s double’, so I text him, I’m like, ‘Thanks very much dude, you’ve just made this even harder’,” he told Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa.

“I train with him a lot, we train all the time, we’re on the same diet regime and training.

“He’s the biggest though he’s ever been so I have to be the biggest I’ve ever been which is a challenge but I’m up for it.”

Holland Hanton said he had to have back surgery after his stunt double role in Hemsworth’s 2020 movie Extraction which featured the longest fight scene in a movie at 13 minutes.

The death-defying stunts mean Holland Hanton can’t get health or life insurance cover.

Hemsworth eats seven meals a day and they need to be the right meals at the right time, which means his stunt double has to do the same.

“Every two hours we are eating, it’s become a chore, I don’t enjoy eating at all, every two hours it’s like get calories in, training twice a day, it’s full on,” he told the show.

“We’re training so much, we are packing on so much size, it’s difficult on the body.

“I find carrying around the extra weight is difficult and hard to maintain on the ligaments.”

Holland Hanton said the strain didn’t impact Hemsworth as much.

“He’s all good, look at him, he’s a man mountain,” he said.

The pair first worked together on Thor: The Dark World in 2013 and have gone on to feature in several movies together.

Becoming close friends, Holland Hanton has previously said Hemsworth is like family.